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Get Out of Computer Trouble FREE!

 2 hours of FREE computer service to qualified companies.




For home users:
Your high-speed internet solution is here

Are you tired of slow dial-up service or spotty satellite service? We bring the high-speed wireless internet access to you.  Learn more about our services.  To inquire about availability call us at 734-385-4188 or email us at

For Businesses:
5 Ways We Can Help Your Small Business
Save Time and Money

1. Business Uninterrupted Plans - Like insurance for your computer systems
2. Network and Computer Design and Installation - Solutions tailored to your needs
3. Network and Computer Repair and Support - Get your systems up and running again

4. Web and email hosting - Great features at a great price
5. High-speed Internet access - Your high-speed solution is here

Business Uninterrupted Plans

Other computer service companies offer reactionary, “break-fix” support.  But consider what this really means:  they are letting your systems “break” before they will “fix” them, causing you down-time, loss of productivity, and potential loss of important business data, while costing your business valuable time and money. 

At OpAve, we offer proactive and predictable Business Uninterrupted plans to fix your computer and network issues before they have a chance to become severe problems. These plans provide an affordable alternative to hiring full-time in-house networking personnel or expensive “break-fix” consultants.  Just look at what you’ll get:

  • Regularly Scheduled Onsite Maintenance

  • Comprehensive Maintenance Checklist and Documentation

  • Emergency and As-Needed Support

  • Available 24/7/365

  • Microsoft Certified and CISCO Certified IT Professionals

  • Predictable Monthly Budget

  • Remote network monitoring to detect and prevent computer problems before they arise

Contact us to request more information, or call us at 734-385-4188.
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Network and Computer Design and Installation

You need a computer network system that fits your business as well as your budget, not a “one-size-fits-all” approach.  OpAve works with you to tailor your solution to your business’s needs and budgets. 

We can help you:

  • Upgrade an existing network

  • Set up a new network at a new site or a remote location

  • Install a new server

  • Add new workstations to your network

  • Upgrade desktop computers

  • Implement network security and virus protection

  • Lower your IT cost by maximizing the performance and life of your existing equipment

Contact us to request more information, or call us at 734-385-4188.
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Network and Computer Repair and Support

In today's world, where computers are used for everything from communications to bookkeeping to data storage and more, problems with your computer network can bring your business to a halt. Don’t let computer problems slow your business down-- We can fix:

  • Computers that run slowly and constantly need re-booting

  • Computers that crash without warning, causing you to lose valuable work

  • Applications that give you error messages or crash your computer

  • Printers that won’t print

  • Internet connections that stop working 

  • Email connections that don’t send and/or receive your messages

  • Virus infections

  • … and much more!

Get your systems back up and running again.  Contact us to request more information, or call us at 734-385-4188.
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